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Squier Introduce New Bullet Stratocaster HT Model

Squier (owned by Fender) is introducing a new Bullet Stratocaster HT electric guitar model with a fixed bridge. It will be available in three different colours.

Squier Bullet Strat HT


Normally, Stratocasters are equipped with vintage-style tremolos, also known as vibrato or whammy bars. While you can get some awesome sound effects using these, they often lead to guitars quickly going out of tune, especially on cheaper models. Squier have opted to eliminate this problem entirely by equipping the new Bullet Stratocaster HT model with a fixed bridge a.k.a. hardtail. This offers excellent tuning stability and ensures optimal string vibrations. The Bullet Strat HT is attractively priced and an excellent choice for beginners. It's available in three different colours: Fiesta Red, Arctic White and Black.

For more information about pricing and delivery times, keep an eye on the product pages.

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