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Stanton Introduces MKII Series Turntables

Stanton proudly presents their new MKII series DJ turntables, the T.62, T.92, STR-150 and the STR8-150. They've received some improvements in comparison to previous models to make them even more comfortable and user-friendly than ever before!

Stanton MKII DJ turntable: a step up

The STR-150 and the STR8-150 now have an aluminium construction, which makes the chassis sturdy as well as lightweight. It's supported by die-cast feet that also provide extra grip and stability on your mixing desk. The difference between these two versions lies in the tone arm. The one on the STR-150 MKII is straight while the one on the STR8-150 is S-shaped. Both turntables are equipped with a powerful torque of 4.5Kgm/cm, just like their predecessors. The entry-level models, the T.92USB and T.62 are also re-issues. The T.62 is an excellent model for scratch DJs, and the T.92, which features an S-shaped tone arm, offers USB compatibility so you can make digital recordings of your mixes directly.

This is what we know so far about the new MKII series of Stanton DJ turntables, but we expect to find out more soon!

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