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Steinberg Announces Dorico Notation Software

Can you name any notation software programs? Indeed, Sibelius and Finale, most musicians are very familiar with them both. But what about Steinberg? After the summer, the brand will be launching their brand-new score editing software, Dorico! Steinberg will be making their notation software debut with great aplomb!

From DAW to paper

As you'd expect from any good notation software, the Dorico interface works fast and intuitively. Any composer will agree, writing out a musical score is no easy task, but it's crucial when you want musicians to be able to play your work. The piano roll editor in your DAW may be fun for you, but your first-chair violinist won't be able to make heads or tails of it. Professional software like Dorico will simplify the arduous task of inputting information into the computer, making your life and your work flow easier.

The score

With Dorico, Steinberg has focused on visual quality in particular. They've taken a good look at what the competition has to offer, and have developed a way to create an accurate and appealing score. Writing out notes seems like a simple task - they're nothing more than a dot on a stick after all. But there is so much more to it than that. The information on a piece of sheet music needs to be legible enough to read under any circumstances, including at a distance or in dim lighting. At the end of the day, the easier the score is to read, the better your music will be played. Dorico's print quality is also top-notch, which is even more motivating!

Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom

You're surely familiar with the title of the award-winning Disney animation, "Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom", which is all about musical instruments. These days, a good score-editing software package includes an audio engine. That's where Steinberg gets to shine, as they are a leading brand in the field of virtual samplers. Dorico comes with two collections of reference sounds, as well as HALion Sonic SE2. These samples give you a good impression of how your parts will sound when played together by an actual orchestra.

Dorico won't be officially released till the end of 2016, but be patient! It'll be worth the wait! There will be three versions: the complete version, an educational version and a crossgrade. With the crossgrade, you can easily make the switch to Steinberg if you have a license for Sibelius or Finale. Meanwhile, you'll have all summer to work on your Wagner-esque symphony!

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