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Steinberg Cubase Pro 8 - Crossgrade for Pro Tools

Steinberg has a special summer/autumn offer for you! For a limited time you can use your Pro Tools license to get your hands on a special Cubase Pro 8 edition at a reduced price. We're talking about the crossgrade edition, which is a temporary product for both regular and educational users.

How does it work?

  • First you can visit the product pages of these temporary Crossgrade products for more information on the two different versions, and then you can download the required form here.
  • Fill out the form (minus the Dealer Approval section).
  • Include a copy of an invoice or receipt regarding the purchase of Pro Tools, or a Pro Tools license card.
  • You e-mail the filled-out form, the copy of your invoice/card, and (for the Education version) proof of educational eligibility to sales@bax-shop.co.uk. We will review your application, and if everything checks out, you will be the owner of the Cubase Pro 8 software shortly after that.
  • This offer applies to both the regular and educational versions of the software. On the Pro Tools side of things, this offer applies to the following versions: Pro Tools HD/HDX, versions 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, as well as the Pro Tools Native versions 9, 10, 11 en 12.
  • You can claim one copy, meaning you can crossgrade one copy of Pro Tools into Cubase Pro 8.
  • The offer lasts through the end of November 2015.

This special promotion is a great moment to make the switch. Considering Steinberg's excellent reputation, it's certainly something to consider. They're pioneers that cater to countless users world-wide, including many professionals in the media industry. Be sure to take advantage of this excellent offer!

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