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Steinberg Cubase Pro 8 - Now With Free UR12 Audio Interface

The German company Steinberg has come up with a great offer. For a limited time only, they'll give you a free UR12 audio interface with your purchase of Cubase Pro 8. Free stuff is always good, but a practical, high-quality device like the UR12 is quite a treat indeed.

Nowadays, Cubase hardly needs an introduction anymore. Combining a user-friendly interface with lots of great features, it's one of the most popular DAW packages around. Cubase enables you to control the most amazing plugins - in fact, it was Steinberg that introduced the VST format in the first place. Incorporating audio recordings like vocals into your tracks isn't a problem either.

The UR12

And that brings us straight to the UR12. It's not impossible to create audio recordings using only a regular computer, but it's not an ideal setup either. A computer is a consumer product, after all, and most consumers aren't interested in recording audio for music productions. Fortunately, a high-quality audio interface like this one can help you out. The UR12 enables you to record vocals or guitar parts, for instance, at a 24-bit, 192kHz resolution, using high-grade converters. Officially, you get a copy of Cubase LE with the interface, but if you take Steinberg up on this generous offer, you won't really need it, will you?

The offer

Treat yourself to Cubase Pro 8 or Cubase Pro 8 EE, and - from 15 July through 31 August 2015 - you get the Steinberg UR12 thrown in for free! If you're a music student, you can start off the new school year in style with the educational edition and the UR12.

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