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Steinberg Introduces WaveLab Pro 9 and WaveLab Elements 9

If you're familiar with music editing software, the name Steinberg will most likely ring a bell. The well-known WaveLab Pro and Elements editions of this software have been the cream of the crop for years, after all. Recently, Steinberg launched a new line of programs called WaveLab Pro 9 and WaveLab Elements 9, focusing on both the professional studio engineer (Pro 9) and the home-studio producer (Elements 9). Make no mistake, we're talking about full new editions, not just updates. You'll find a number of interesting improvements on the previous editions of these two programs.

Elements vs Pro 9

Steinberg focused on two target groups for the development of their new software, namely the professional studio engineer and the home-studio producer. Both packages are comprehensive and provide both parties with plenty of possibilities and solutions. The two main differences between them are the number of tracks available (more than 1,000 as opposed to 3), and the supported sample rate (284 kHz versus 96 kHz). Also, the number of possible real-time plugins is higher in the Pro 9 than in Elements 9 (41 versus 18). Both packages are equipped with the outstanding MasterRig, a plugin suite with extremely high-quality mastering effects like a tube compressor, limiter EQ and a saturator.

Improved interface and workflow

The developers at Steinberg know how important it is to work with an efficient, intuitive interface. In both the Pro 9 and Elements 9 editions, you'll find an entirely new user interface which consists of a single window, which will save you time and hassle so you can fully concentrate on your creativity. This window contains a number of tabs and a clever docking option that allows you to stack separate screens, a method that is sure to enhance your workflow. Speaking of workflow, you can count on a seamless integration with Cubase and Nuendo, which means total control is at your fingertips!

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