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Steinberg Presents Cubase 9

Steinberg is one of the pioneers of computer-based music production. It's no surprise therefore, that their Cubase DAW software is one of the most popular programs around and is used by top music producers around the world. Today sees the release of the latest version, Cubase 9.

Steinberg's most complete DAW ever

Having listened to feedback from their customers, Cubase 9 features countless new functions. There are simply too many to list here, but we'll highlight a few of the most important ones. The Lower Zone is a new method for displaying various panels, which gives you a much clearer overview and direct access to the editors and the MixConsole without having to leave the Project window. Sampler track is another handy new feature that lets you quickly and easily create and edit a piece of audio, opening up new creative possibilities and inspiring you to reach new heights. There's also a new EQ plugin called Frequency which gives you 8 bands to work with and M/S support.

There are many more amazing new features just waiting to be discovered. Cubase 9 is more user-friendly and offers more professional possibilities than ever before. There are three different versions available as well special versions for educational purposes and a number of upgrades. Elements is the most basic version, followed by Artist and then Pro. If you activated an older version of Cubase (from version 6) on or after 26th October 2016, Steinberg is offering a grace period so that you can upgrade to version 9 for free. You can do this via the Steinberg website.

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