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Studio Quality at Home with Pioneer DJ's DM-40 Monitor Speakers

With the active desktop monitor speaker set from Pioneer DJ you can now enjoy studio-quality 3D sound at home. The speakers feature technology from subsidiary brand TAD Labs and from Pioneer's own S-DJ X series. Their compact size means that they will fit comfortably on your desk where you can easily connect your laptop, controller or other external sound source.

Studio-quality sound

The Pioneer DJ DM-40s deliver 3D stereo sound. This is thanks to the soft dome tweeters that are fitted with DECO convex diffusers that produce a wide sweet spot. The monitors also feature a front-loaded bass reflex system with grooves in the ducts to reduce air friction, so that the kick produced by the 4-inch fibreglass woofers will still be felt even when the monitors are placed against a wall.


With RCA and AUX inputs, connecting the DM-40 is easy. With its superior sound quality it's perfect for using with your DJ Controller to create great mixes. If you need to do this in relative silence, simply plug your headphones in to the socket provided on the front.

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