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Summer News from EVH!

EVH isn't slowing down, even for the Summer holiday season! Luckily for us, because they've just released two new Wolfgang Special guitars in El Natural and Striped, along with a black and gold EL34 model of the famous 5150IIIS amp head, with a matching speaker cabinet.

Both Wolfgang Special guitars feature a basswood body with an arched top for that unique EVH sound. The maple neck on the EVH Wolfgang Special El Natural features a maple fretboard for a bright sound. De EVH Wolfgang Special Striped has an ebony fretboard for a strong, tight sound. Both necks are equipped with 22 frets and have a compound radius of 12-16 inches for a comfortable, fast playing experience. Both guitars also feature two EVH Wolfgang humbuckers, and EVH Floyd Rose locking tremolo, and an EVH D-Tuna. The El Natural will be available mid-August, and the Striped around mid-October (information for both is therefore subject to change!).

EVH and 5150, bonded for life

The EVH 5150IIIS 100S EL34 Head will take you right back to the days when Eddie van Halen was still producing his sound from tube amps with EL34s. EL34 tubes guarantee that pure, classic British sound with lots of compression and saturation. Don't worry though, the amplifier is also equipped with all the modern trappings, just like its predecessors. It features a unique black and gold finish, just like the matching EVH 5150IIIS EL34 412ST Cabinet. The 4x12 cab is equipped with Celestion G12 EVH speakers. Both the head and the cab will be available around mid-October (information for both is therefore subject to change!).

Check out the product pages for more information, including current delivery times and prices.

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