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Tama Announces New 2017 Collection

2017 has only just begun, and Tama has already released part of their new collection! The list of new products is long, but we've put together some of our favourites right here.

Unique snare drums

The snare drum lineup has been expanded upon to include some special models, like the Lars Ulrich Signature Black Edition snare. It's exactly the same model that Ulrich will use in Metallica's 2017 tour, and there are only 125 of these snares available worldwide! Then, there's the Peter Erskine Signature 10 x 6-inch Side Snare, which has been made according to the Stave Ash principle. Tama also presents some unique products, like the STAR Reserve Vol. 3, and some additions to the Sound Lab Project series including the Fat Spruce and Classic Dry Aluminium.

Superstar Hyperdrive

Tama's Superstar Hyperdrive maple drum kits have shallow toms for extra punch and are available in 10 different finishes. In 2017, these shell sets will also be available in the colour Satin Artic Pearl. It gives the kit a stylish appearance, especially in combination with the Black Nickel shell hardware. From now on, this series also comes in a configuration without a snare drum so you customise it with your own personalised snare sound.

Improved Stage Master hardware

Besides the new shells, all the stands in Tama's Stage Master hardware series have been improved as well. The cymbal and tom stands have a new adapter with a nylon tube which effectively prevents noisy rattling sounds once and for all. The double-braced stands are slightly curved to make them easier to fit into your setup. The cymbal stands also come standard with the user-friendly Cymbal Mate.

Sticks and bags

When it comes to drum protection, Tama also has some new treats in store. Last year, they presented a range of PowerPad bags that are now also available in affordable sets. You can transport your sticks in the new Designer Stick bags that come in four different colours, which you can fill with the brand-new Jeremy Colson and Dirk Verbeuren signature sticks.

That's not all

This is only a portion of Tama's new assortment. We expect even more new finishes with interesting names like Tigerwood and Pacific Walnut. The popular ImperialStar line will also include new colours and an improved hardware pack, all of which we will be adding to our assortment this year.

Check out the product pages for up-to-date information on pricing and delivery times!

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