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Tama presents: Powerpad drum bags

This September 2015, Tama is bringing a completely new line of drum bags to the market. The Powerpad series consists of a stick bag, three snare bags, a cymbal carrier, a bass pedal carrier, two hardware bags, five tom bags, three floor tom bags and finally, four different bass drum bags.

Tama Powerpad Drum Bag Series

The new Powerpad bags protect your drum kit from scratches, rain and dust. All of these bags has a bright red zipper that's impossible to miss. With their sturdy handles and adjustable shoulder straps, these bags are ideal for transport. The inside of each bag is lined and definitely won't scratch your gear. On the exterior of the bag, you'll find a name and address tag - a handy feature to have to make sure your roadie doesn't forget to load your bags into the truck after the gig. Also on the exterior is a label that shows the diameters of that particular piece of gear. That way, you'll never mistakenly grab the wrong bag. Tama delivers, as we've come to expect from them, an expansive collection of high-quality products.

The following sizes are available in this series:

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