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Tascam DR-701D Audio Recorder for DSLR Camera

Remember the Tascam DR-70D? These days, Tascam also has the DS-701D in their assortment, which is a beautiful audio recorder for your DSLR camera.

A little big accessory

In the picture, this product appears larger than it actually is. It goes between your DSLR camera and the camera stand and is used to record audio. Yes, your DSLR camera itself can do that too, but next to the audio quality of this Tascam, there's really no comparison. The maximum sound quality is 192 kHz/24 bits with a two-channel recording, and 96 kHz/24 bits with a four-channel recording.

Extra tracks

Compared to its predecessor, the DR-701D has two more tracks, which essentially means that you can connect four microphones and then save a stereo mix of these four using the two extra tracks. This is extremely handy for TV journalists, for example, who need to deliver quick results. At the same time, the original maintains four tracks, so if you have time, you can always make a your own mix.

For professionals like journalists and reporters, who need to edit source material fast, the DS-701D is a great investment.

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