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Tascam Launches the DA-6400DP, Individual MADI Cards and Drive Bay

Tascam is known for its high-quality audio and studio recording solutions. This time, Tascam proudly presents the DA-6400DP, the DA-6400, and two MADI cards, the IF-MA64/EX and the more affordable IF-MA64/BN. Tascam also offers the AK-CC25 SSD storage case as a separate item as well. Normally, these are included with every purchase of a DA-6400(DP), but are also available separately in case your current case needs replacing, or if you need an extra drive bay.

Extra backup

Besides the DA-6400, Tascam also introduces the DA-6400DP. The latter unit is equipped with two extra power connections, making it possible to attach two power cables. This is especially handy when cables break or when there's an unexpected problem with the power source. If a similar problem occurs during a large-scale project, you'll be glad you have that extra power cable! The DA-6400DP is an audio backup recorder that, in collaboration with your DAW, makes backups of maximum 64 tracks at 48 kHz; handy for such applications as recording large orchestras where all 64 tracks would be in use.

Prepared for MADI

You can expand the DA-6400(DP) with MADI cards, for example. Tascam delivers IF-MA64/EX and the IF-MA64/BN interface cards that you can use to further augment your DA-6400(DP) with coaxial inputs and outputs. Next to that, the IF-MA64/EX has an extra coaxial input that is essential should there be an unexpected power outage. The MADI signal isn't interrupted! The more affordable IF-MA64/BN has to contend with just coax input and output, and does not possess the extra coaxial input nor the optical inputs and outputs.

Drive bay for SSD with USB 3.0 support

On top of the interface cards, Tascam also offers the AK-CC25 SSD storage case separately. An AK-CC25 is also included with every DA-6400 audio backup recorder. An AK-CC25 can accommodate one SSD card (S-ATA connection), but also supports fast data transfer via USB 3.0 from and to your PC. Another thing that makes the AK-CC25 attractive is its hot swapping capability, which means you can keep working on a powered DA-6400 unit even while an SSD card is being replaced.

The DA-6400, DA-6400DP, the AK-CC25 and both interface cards, the IF-MA64/EX and the IF-MA64/BN, will be available in December.

Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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