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Tascam Reveals Versatile Solid-State Recorders

In May, Tascam will launch two new, versatile pro-audio solid-state recorders, the SS-CDR250N and the SS-R250N. A month later, they'll introduce a number of accessories for the recorders including the RC-SS150 remote control and the IF-DA2 Dante interface.

Similarities and differences

Both the SS-CDR250N and the SS-R250N are compatible with SD cards and USB sticks with a maximum storage capacity of 128 GB and both support FTP via LAN networks. The similarities don't end there either, as both recorders also support WAV and MP3 files and can record in 96 kHz, 24-bit quality. In fact, the only real difference is the presence of a CD recorder on the SS-CDR250N.

Flash remote control

The RC-SS150 will give you complete remote control over either recorder. The remote features twelve virtually silent flash buttons with which you can operate the recorders. The impressive LCD display helps you navigate to the correct position and track as well as offering other functions.

Dante interface

Those looking to stream uncompressed, multi-channel audio over a network will be interested in the optional IF-DA2 Dante module. This gives you sampling frequencies of up to 96 kHz and the interface also have an RJ-45 connector so that you can plug in a UTP cable.

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