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Taurus Launches T-Di Plus Bass Preamp and Abigar eXtreme Drive Pedal for Bass Guitars

The Polish Taurus company has always made products that cater to musicians' needs. If someone discovers that a certain effect or preamp is lacking in a certain area, then the Polish designers (musicians themselves) try and remedy that with innovative and clever products. The new Taurus T-DI Plus is a great example of that. This pedal picks up where the T-Di (a bass preamp/booster with a built-in DI) left off. The T-Di Plus has an extra compressor that's linked to the gain.

Taurus T-Di Plus with smart compression

When you reach a certain gain level, it smoothly engages the compressor section so that the gain doesn't get out of control, assuring you're left with a musical sound at all times. Of course, the elaborate controls are still part of this preamp, which doubles as a booster in the form of the MLO (Mid Level Optimisation) system. This technology cleverly alters the core sound of your bass guitar. It makes sure that the mids match whatever settings you've chosen for bass and treble, and keeps the volume in check when you've really turned the highs and lows up. As such, the settings change your timbre and not your volume, making the process of finding your perfect sound a highly intuitive one.

Taurus Abigar eXtreme Bass Drive

With their new Abigar eXtreme Bass Drive pedal, Taurus solved a well-known problem, namely the fact that many drive pedals cause a loss of low frequencies. Besides tone controls for the low and high frequencies, this stomp box also has a two-way switch for adding extra character to your bass sound. Character A is a bit more feisty and sharp, while character B emphasises the drive pedal's warmer side. Of course, you can also switch this option off. It's a good thing that the Polish designers kept the two different characters relatively close together, so that the pedal keeps its own identity and manages to set itself apart from other drive pedals.

The gain knob delivers plenty of drive without muddying up the sound. Turning up the bass knob will give the upper hand to your bass guitar's own sound, while dialling it back will bring in more drive and distortion, which is ideal for heavier types of music. For those who like it low, the Taurus Abigar eXtreme Bass Drive is a great, subtle and highly practical drive pedal in live performance situations.

Both these pedals accept any power supply that delivers between 9 and 12 volts, and will automatically detect its polarity. Once again, the Polish Taurus company proves that it makes products for musicians, by musicians.

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