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TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay: New and Improved!

TC Electronic's Flashback 2 Delay effects pedal serves up a sonic buffet thanks to the pressure-sensitive MASH switch that's combined with renowned delay algorithms.

What's new?

With the new MASH functionality, even better tape and analogue algorithms that sound more realistic than ever and a new type of delay called Crystal, the Flashback 2 Delay builds upon the success of the enormously popular first version. The new model has eight different delay effects on board and MASH reacts differently to each one, meaning there's plenty of possibilities just waiting to be discovered.


If you can't find the perfect delay effect for the song you want to play using the built-in options and the MASH function, don't panic! The Flashback 2 Delay also has room for three TonePrints. That means you connect the pedal to your computer, create your own ultimate delay or download one of the signature TonePrint effects from TC Electronic's website. If you want to find out more about this awesome effects pedal, don't delay (!), take a look at the product page.

The product page shows the most up-to-date information including delivery times and pricing.

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