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TC Electronic Presents Clarity M Audio Meter

The film industry has maintained specific audio standards for years. In fact, the volume level of just about any film you see nowadays is precisely measured and balanced. If you want to be sure your film production meets the same professional audio standards, it's a good idea to have an analyser on hand. That's why market leader TC Electronic developed the Clarity M, the compact version of their successful Clarity X.

Measure with precision

If you're active in the music industry, you've probably heard about standardisation going on as a result of the Loudness War. In an effort to be even louder than the competition, music productions are compressed to such an extreme degree that they lose all dynamic integrity in the process. With the Clarity M mixing and mastering tool, however, TC Electronic promises smaller studios a dynamic future. The screen on this device is 7 inches in diameter and you can configure it yourself. On it, you can view, among others, the acclaimed Radar Loudness Meter, a spectrum analyser, and the True Peak Meter. The Clarity M works seamlessly with any DAW.

Finally, the Loudness War is coming to an end, thanks to TC Electronic's Clarity M!

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