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TC Electronic UniTune Clip: Elegant, Intuitive and Robust

TC Electronic's UniTune Clip is a stylish clip-on tuner that's quick, accurate and easy to use. It's built to last too, so if you play guitar, bass or ukulele, this handy device will keep you in perfect tune for years to come.

UniTune Clip: uncompromising accuracy

TC Electronic are already renowned for making excellent tuners like the groundbreaking PolyTune Clip. The Danish company haven't been resting on their laurels, however. The brand new UniTune Clip is much like the PolyTune but without the poly functionality which means it'll be more affordable. You can choose between using the highly-accurate stobe mode or the ultra-fast chromatic mode depending your needs. The bright display has 108 powerful LEDs that make it easy to read whether you're playing outside in bright sunlight or indoors in the dark. Whether you're a professional musican or you need a reliable tuner for use at home, the UniTune Clip is an excellent choice. 

For more information about the UniTune Clip take a look at the product page. Delivery and price information will be added as soon as it's available.

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