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Temporary Price Reduction Odyssey Flight Cases

Are you in the market for a controller or a 19-inch device? This is your chance! Tons of Odyssey products will be reduced in price until June 30, 2016. Get up to 35% off select Odyssey flight cases and other accessories!

Odyssey discount

Odyssey's Range

Odyssey specialises in accessories for DJ and PA equipment. From a rugged case for the Pioneer XDJ-RX to this reliable bag that's reinforced with a metal frame and suited for a wide range of controllers, mixers and players, Odyssey knows how to produce quality. They're also known for their wide range of 19-inch flight cases, which are perfect for any of your 19-inch devices. Their options vary, from cases for one or two devices to gigantic mobile units. Odyssey also produces laptop stands, convenient collapsible DJ furniture, and parts such as flight case drawers. When you choose Odyssey, you know you're getting excellent products for DJs, sound technicians and producers who demand good on-the-road quality from their gear.

Up to 35% off

From now until June 30th, loads of Odyssey products will be discounted up to 35%. You'll find all of the products included in the sale listed below. The prices have already been adjusted to show the discounted value, so all you have to do is click and order!

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