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The 2015 Limited Edition Tama Cocktail-JAM Hybrid Kit

The Cocktail-JAM Hybrid Kit is not exactly new, but after the enormous success last year, the renowned brands Tama and Roland have combined forces once more to re-release it in a limited number. This set includes a regular cocktail kit by Tama, augmented by a Roland TM-2 module and trigger set.


This set is a cross between an acoustic and an electric drum kit, the compact cocktail kit being the acoustic part. With a horizontal bass drum, a snare and two toms, it has a complete sound on its own. However, when the Roland TM-2 module and trigger set are installed, a whole new world of sounds is suddenly available. This module houses 99 pre-programmed kits, but you can easily add even more sounds by simply inserting an SD card.

To make good use of the power of the TM-2, this set also comes with an RT-10S and an RT-10T trigger. The included MC62 multi-clamp and plateau on which the TM-2 can be mounted are also very handy.

On the road

Setting up this kit is as quick and easy as breaking it down. The whole thing fits in a single drum case, a hardware bag and a bag for the module, which is included with this set. All this adds up to a practically-sized package you can easily take with you.

As mentioned previously, it's only available in a limited number, so we recommend you act fast! This offer ends on January 11th, 2016! 


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