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The American DJ Asteroid 1200: a Threat from Space!

Imagine an asteroid leaving its familiar orbit in space, and heading towards earth... That's how much impact American DJ's new light effect, the Asteroid 1200, will have when it hits the dance floor!

The Asteroid 1200

While they were developing the Asteroid 1200, American DJ really pulled out all the stops. Thanks to twelve 4-in-1 LED engines, this fixture is able to produce virtually any colour imaginable. Its twelve beams can be individually controlled, allowing for a variety of stunning effects. At a beam angle of only four degrees, they cut through the air like razor blades.

Into Infinity!

That's not just a tacky sci-fi reference, it actually holds a grain of truth. The Asteroid 1200 features infinite pan and tilt rotation in both directions, meaning you're not limited by the standard 540 and 220 degrees of regular moving heads. That opens up a world of possibilities you might not have even considered. Let your imagination run free and watch the crowd go wild!

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