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The Blackstar Artist Series: Classic and Versatile

Blackstar has gone from a newcomer to an established name in a short space of time. One of their greatest assets is the Infinite Shape Feature or ISF circuit (as it's otherwise known) that they developed themselves. With the ISF circuit, Blackstar managed to greatly increase the versatility of tube amplifiers without the use of digital technology. The new Artist 15 and Artist 30 models both have an ISF circuit fitted and can produce the typical American 6L6 sound, as well as beloved British AC clean and crunch.

Something for everyone

Although the Artist 15 and the Artist 30 are very much alike, there are differences. As you might have guessed, the Artist 30 has double the power output. While both are at home in the studio or on stage, the Artist 15 is more suited to smaller gigs, while the Artist 30 can fill larger venues with sound. When it comes to design, they are very similar too. Both offer two channels, with channel 1 primarily used as a classic master volume amplifier, every tube purists dream. With volume and tone controls, you get a pure, unadulterated tube sound. The second channel offers extensive tone control with the famous Blackstar ISF circuit.

American to British and everything in between

The ISF circuit on the second channel of the Artist 15 and Artist 30 puts a wide range of different sounds at your fingertips. In the UK setting, the amplifier sounds and reacts just like a classic British class A amplifier. In other words, you get sparkling trebles with an extra emphasis on the low mids. When pushed, the tubes deliver a fantastic AC top boost sound. The beauty of the ISF circuit is that all of this happens without any digital modelling. Because the ISF circuit is controlled by a knob, you can also get all of the sounds in between American and British. Both amps have built-in reverb and come complete with a foot switch. So, if you're looking for a versatile tube amp then take a closer look at these two new models from Blackstar.


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