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The BOSS DR-01S Rhythm Partner - Rhythmic Accompaniment for Songwriters

BOSS have developed a new drum machine that is unlike any other! The DR-01S Rhythm Partner was designed especially to be used with an acoustic instrument such as a guitar, ukulele or piano, making it the prefect companion for singer-songwriters!

Rhythmic accompaniment

While most drum machines offer straightforward drum grooves, the BOSS DR-01S is more like a virtual percussionist that generates percussive patterns and sounds. There are various combinations and patterns available for each music style. What's more, you can experiment by stacking multiple rhythms on top of each other for fresh, new ideas. The possibilities are endless! This drum machine is user-friendly and offers a button for each function so you don't have to scroll endlessly through complex menu structures.

In practice

If you want, you can connect 1 or 2 separately-available footswitches to the DR-01S and assign all kinds of functions to them, including start/stop, tempo up/down, tap tempo, pattern variation and more. The DR-01S has a 4-inch speaker that works well in acoustic settings. If you want to amplify it, use the stereo mini jack line-out. There's also an aux-in available so you can use it as a mobile speaker for live performances, and it can store up to 50 rhythms and variations. The BOSS DR-01S can be powered with the included AC adapter or by six AA batteries (sold separately), which means you can bring this lightweight drum machine with you to outdoor summer jam sessions in the park or at the beach!

For more information on delivery times and pricing, please keep an eye on the product page.

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