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The Daslight Virtual Controller 4 is coming!

They've talked about it and teased us about it, but finally, it's on its way. The Daslight Virtual Controller 4, a.k.a. the DCV4. According to Daslight, this fourth generation of its renowned software will have undergone the biggest update yet. We can't wait!

What do we know?

What we knew about the DCV4 was only that it was coming. Daslight has kept their mouths shut all this time... ...until now! DCV4 boasts an entirely new design, a new Effects Engine and a brand-new feature called Show Mode, and is finally compatible with both PC and Mac! They're even working on translating their software to French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Dutch! That means the DCV4 will also be operable in Dutch.

The software

As we can see at first glance, the appearance of the software has clearly undergone a major make-over. It looks smoother and has a clearer overview, compared to previous versions. An arrangement of the different fixtures in the form of a 2-D illustration is located on the lower-right corner of the screen. To the left of that is a bank of faders. These are probably fully programmable, judging by the fact that there is an option to make notes underneath each fader, and the colours at the top make it easy to categorise them into groups, making your live setup a lot more orderly. As far as we can see, the top half is completely filled with fixtures, groups, scenes and chases, which are operable via the buttons on the right.


Daslight has announced they will release a Beta version of the software to a select group of testers some time in October. Let's hope they don't waste any time in further developing the complete software, so we can all enjoy it! We don't have an exact release date of the DVC4 software as of yet, so keep an eye on this space here at Bax-shop. As soon as we know, so will you!

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