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The EVH 5150 III Gets a Smaller Sibling!

Have you always wanted an EVH 5150 amp, but never had the budget or the space for it? Then there's something new that might interest you!

Legendary sound in a compact housing

For everyone looking for that famous 5150 guitar amp sound, but who doesn't need a big 50 or 100 watt beast, EVH released a number of attractive alternatives last year. There's the compact 15 Watt LBX tube amp top, and the versatile MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive. But now, EVH is kicking things up a notch, releasing a miniature guitar amp: the 5150 III Mini Stack! It may be small, but it's remarkably practical.

Live: Right Here, Right Now

With the EVH 5150 III Micro Stack you'll always have a proper guitar amplifier at hand. Whether you want to practice in your bedroom, entertain colleagues at the office or make some extra pocket money by playing at the local market, this mini-amp will make sure you're heard. From crystal-clear cleans to a powerful overdrive, thanks to the elaborate tone controls, you can easily fine-tune your sound to suit your preference. What's more, with its iconic Van Halen Stripes on the box, this EVH amplifier makes a great gift for your musical friends.
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