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The Fender Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster: As Bold As Love

With this Artist Signature Stratocaster, Fender honours one of the most innovative guitar players the world has ever known: Jimi Hendrix.

The sound of a generation

Alter your axis. Try and approach things from a different angle for once. What if a 6 really is a 9? Jimi Hendrix is more than just a legendary guitar hero. He represents an age that celebrated musical creativity. Free spirits discovered that music could be a powerful way of expressing their ideals. They used it to protest the war in Vietnam, and as a means of finding themselves. In 1969, all of these elements came together during that historic concert in a field in Bethel, NY. To pay homage to the unparalleled legacy of the iconic guitarist, Fender has issued the Jimi Hendrix Artist Signature Stratocaster. It's available in an Olympic White or Black finish, and comes with a gig bag.

A musical journey

The Fender Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster doesn't just sound authentic, it has the right looks too. As a left-handed guitarist, Jimi was accustomed to turning his right-handed guitars upside down. Fender have imitated this look by reversing the Strat's headstock. As an added bonus, this changes the string tension, keeping the low strings nice and tight, while making the high strings easy to bend. The Stratocaster's bridge pickup has also been reversed. Three American Vintage '65 single-coils, comprehensive tone controls and a 5-way pickup switch give you a wide range of options to experiment with. Set out on your own musical quest with the Fender Jimi Hendrix Artist Signature Stratocaster!

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