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The Hexcon: Specially Designed for ADJ's HEX Series

All of the fixtures from the HEX series of American DJ are equipped with RGBWA + UV LED modules. Control these easily and put on the best shows possible with the Hexcon controller. This special 36-channel DMX controller can effortlessly drive over 80 HEX fixtures in up to 6 different groups.

Full control at your fingertips

This heading actually describes the Hexcon controller in a nutshell. You've got full control at your fingertips! In addition to 24 easily accessible colour presets, American DJ has included various other functions, such as Strobe, Colour Fade and Colour Chase. You can divide your fixtures into six different groups which can then be controlled independently. There is also a sound-controlled mode and the microphone sensitivity can be adjusted to suit your wishes and the location. There's really nothing else you need to worry about. If you find that too boring, switching to manual mode allows you to control the functions and mix the colours yourself like a real light jockey! Even if your mobile phone's battery is flat, American DJ has the answer! The Hexcon is fitted with a USB port specially designed to charge your mobile.

The HEX series

The fixtures from the HEX series are, as already stated, fitted with RGBWA + UV LED modules. These include different types like PARs, flat PARs and bars. This gives you plenty of possibilities to put together a nice set-up. The best thing about this is that you can use them all together and manage everything using just one controller. The Hexcon allows you to create a cosy atmosphere in the lounge area of your establishment, for instance, while it energises people on the dance floor at the same time.

American DJ's Hexcon is more than a one trick pony. Simplify your life now by ordering the Hexcon from Bax-shop.co.uk.

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