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The Hotone Xtomp: the Swiss Army Knife of Effects Pedals

It's been about a year since Hotone won "Best in Show Award" during the 2015 NAMM show with their concept version of the Xtomp. Since then, they've been working on perfecting this ingenious bit of technology. The result is a stompbox with functionality Inspector Gadget would envy!

Xtomp: a wide array of legendary effects

The Xtomp is a stompbox by Hotone that features their innovative Comprehensive Dynamic Modelling (CDM) technology. The brand analysed the circuitry of a wide range of iconic effects pedals and reproduced them to create an effects library of more than 300 models. There is an app available for iOS or Android devices, designed to manage and transfer these effects onto the Xtomp via Bluetooth. In other words, the Hotone Xtomp enables you to call up any sound you want, whenever you want it! Now that's what we call "Design Inspiration".

Usability and styling

Hotone is intent on inspiring musicians to produce high-quality creations and the ultra-sleek Xtomp pedal with its rugged housing is the result of years of Hotone's technical know-how and musical ideals. Its six knobs as well as its switch are equipped with LEDs that change colour depending on what the pedal has been set to, making the Hotone Xtomp remarkably intuitive to use. To top it all off, the Xtomp's stereo inputs and outputs and various forms of true bypass ensure excellent sound quality.

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