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The iRig Mic Lav Is a Lavalier Microphone For Your Mobile

Many people tend to act a bit unnaturally when there's a microphone aimed at them. Luckily, the IK Multimedia iRig Mic Lav allows you to be much more subtle, making the whole thing much less uncomfortable. All you'll need is the iRig lavalier mic and your smartphone to record in crystal-clear quality.

A recording studio in the palm of your hand.

Phone, interface, cable, microphone - everything you need to record, right there in the palm of your hand. The mic is attached to a 1.5m cable that in turn is directly attached to the small box that is the interface. You simply plug the iRig Mic Lav into the mini jack connector on an iOS or Android device that you've downloaded an audio recording app on. Then you simply press record and start your interview. Furthermore, if you connect a set of (in-ear) headphones to the interface, you can monitor the recording quality as you go. If you want to interview two people at once, you can even connect a second iRig Mic Lav!

IK Multimedia iRig Mic Lav lavalier microphone: crystal clear

The iRig lavalier microphone is ready for anything: rain or shine, whispering or yelling, recording or presenting, this mic does it all. What's more, the included pop shield keeps unwanted noise - like wind noise or handling noise - to a minimum. The iRig Mic Lav features an omnidirectional microphone with a dynamic range between 30 Hz and 16 kHz, which means it will accurately pick up the sound of a human voice. As it can handle sound pressure levels up to 120 dB, you won't have to worry about people raising their voices, either. Finally, if you connect the iRig Mic Lav to a portable speaker, you can even amplify your voice for a presentation, for instance.

If you want to learn more about this particularly practical microphone, be sure to check out the product page!

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