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The Limited Edition A7X now available at Bax-shop!

To celebrate the great success they've had the with A7X, Adam has now released a special Cherry Wood Limited Edition. Only a handful of these high-end speakers will be released, and they're available for preorder now at Bax-shop!

The Adam A7X has earned its stripes in the audio world. It's known for a highly linear reproduction of sound, even at low volumes, which allows it to compete with speakers from a much higher segment. Because that's the A7X's true power: it delivers excellent sound while remaining quite affordable. It's a price-to-quality ratio that you won't find on many other monitors.


Adam has won quite a few awards for its A7X design, and for good reason. This producer's darling can be found in many studios, and it features an impressive frequency response of 42 HZ up to a whopping 50 kHz! Moreover, it's remarkably linear across the range, partly thanks to its special handmade tweeter. This also gives it a great sound in the higher frequency ranges.

Wait no longer, make sure one of these Limited Edition speakers is yours and preorder it now, at Bax-shop!

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on shipping and pricing.

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