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The New Allen & Heath Xone:PX5 DJ Mixer

Allen & Heath have practically turned the process of introducing new products into an art form. Ever since last month, when they gave an exclusive preview of their new Xone:PX5 DJ Mixer at the illustrious club Berghain in Berlin, we've been waiting in eager anticipation for its release. If the hype is to be believed, this 4-channel DJ mixer is set to become a part of every DJs setup. Read on to find out why!

Image: Xone (official) Facebook (@xoneseries)

Sexy effects

The 4-channel Xone:PX5 is characterised by its hybrid design. That is to say, it's a fully analogue mixer but it also has an extremely flexible digital effects section that can be used per channel or on the overall sound. The effects can be easily selected and matched with the music (to within milliseconds!) via a small display. If you connect the mixer to external equipment via the MIDI connector, it will be equalized immediately. There are three control knobs for this functionality, including the focus knob that lets you manipulate the tone of the selected effect. With a separate cue, it's possible to listen to the digital effects section separately.

That's not all!

The new Xone has plenty of options when it comes to connectors. As well as the MIDI connector, there are phono and line inputs, an X link, a microphone input with Hi-Z and USB. With USB, you have the ability to record your DJ set via the built-in 20-channel USB sound card. Per channel, you can select the sound source from phono, line or USB. The overall sound can be adjusted using the 3-band EQ, while the new VU meters show you the volume clearly. At the moment the mixer is being used in various locations around the UK so that Allen & Heath can get feedback from users before it's officially released in September. We don't know about you, but we can hardly wait for it.

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