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The New Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Headphones Are Coming to Bax Music!

Beyerdynamic and Bax Music have some great news! From September, we'll have their newest studio headphones in stock. The Beyerdyynamic DT 1990 Pro headphones have impressive specifications and some great features. Want to know more? Read on!

Comfortable design and natural sound

The DT 1990 Pro headphones by Beyerdynamic have been specifically designed with studio use in mind. That means they are extremely comfortable to wear and have velour ear pads and a padded headband for those lengthy listening sessions. Thanks to the open design, the music sounds as natural as possible. While it also means that outside sounds can get in, this is not a problem in a studio setting.

High-resolution sound with Tesla drivers

Music is produced by two 45mm dynamic Tesla neodymium drivers. The drivers have a beautifully-balanced sound profile and combine efficiency with a sound that is free from interference. With a frequency range of 5 Hz to 40,000 Hz and maximum SPL of 125 dB, the specs are nothing short of impressive. Whether you play music softly or loudly, you won't miss a note with the DT 1990 Pro headphones.

Take control

For even more control over the sound, the DT 1990 Pro headphones come with two sets of ear pads that each have their own sound characteristics (analytical and balanced). Two cables are also included (a straight 3m cable and a coiled 5m cable), as is a premium hard case.

For more information on the product, the price and the delivery times, take a look at the product page.

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