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The New Korg B1 Piano Exudes Quality and Simplicity

Pianists in the market for a digital piano aren't necessarily always keen on an arsenal of additional bells and whistles. Some of them are just looking for the digital equivalent of a nice and simple acoustic piano. Korg can relate to that, so they've come up with the black Korg B1-BK and the white B1-WH.

Simplicity, style and sound

The relatively affordable B1-BK and B1-WH are excellent choices if you're just learning how to play the piano, but still value quality sound and the authentic playing feel of an acoustic model. If you used to play, and want to take up the piano again, however, these electric pianos will also serve you well. Korg's B1 is a rewarding instrument with a convincing keyboard (the lower keys feel heavier than the higher ones) and an optimised sound system. Would you like to make the piano a part of your living room? Complement it with a stand (available separately) and you'll have an attractive, slim piece of furniture. A sheet music stand with practical page retention pockets that keep your pages in place is included.

A realistic piano experience

Korg's Motion Feedback system makes sure that the sound emanating from the piano's 9-watt speakers won't suffer from colouration. A built-in passive radiator system, meanwhile, ensures tight bass tones. The B1-BK and B1-WH digital pianos have a mini jack output for your headphones or any external sound system, and a pedal input for the included sustain pedal or the separately available three-pedal unit. Despite their relatively basic design, the instruments feature a few practical extras, such as a metronome, transpose and tuning functions, and a partner mode that splits the keyboard up into two equal parts. That way, you and your teacher, for instance, can play the same piece at the same time.

Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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