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The New Marshall Monitor Headphones: Bluetooth Edition!

We've had the pleasure of enjoying Marshall’s Monitor headphones for a couple of years now, a set of vintage-style black vinyl headphones with the classic Marshall logo on both sides. Soon, we can expect the new and improved Monitor Bluetooth version with enhanced design and modern functionality!



50 years of Marshall heritage

The Monitor Bluetooth headphones by Marshall have definitely improved with age. The unmistakable Marshall look is unchanged, but there are some crucial differences that need mentioning; for starters, the bronze details on the hinges, connectors, and controls. These headphones are very lightweight and collapsible as well, so taking them with you in the included canvas pouch is easy. The passive sound isolation is enhanced as well so nothing will distract you from your favourite music.


Ergonomic design and Bluetooth functionality

The most impressive thing about the Monitor Bluetooth headphones has got to be the new wireless functionality. With these headphones, you can experience up to 30 hours of non-stop wireless listening enjoyment! Bluetooth aptX functionality makes it possible to transfer large data files faster than ever before, and you can even listen to HiFi music wirelessly too! If you want, you can choose to plug into a device directly using the included mini jack (coiled) cable. For even more fun, you can share your music with a friend by plugging their set into these Marshall Monitor headphones. Control your music by means of your smartphone using the multi-directional knob on the ear pad, which basically functions as a little joystick that can be moved in every direction to navigate through your music or answer phone calls.

In conclusion

Has this sparked your curiosity about the Marshall Monitor Bluetooth headphones? Check out the relevant product page below for more information on delivery times and pricing!

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