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The new Midas M32C and Neutron!

The people at Midas haven't been sitting on their hands and have released two new products: the M32C, the latest member of the successful M32 series, and the Midas Neutron. While the M32C is highly compact, the Neutron weighs a whopping 56 pounds. The Neutron has been designed specifically to form the brain and the heart of the Midas Pro X.

Midas M32C

The M32C is the next step in the evolution of the M32 digital mixer. Midas managed to put the entire functionality of the M32 and the M32R in a 1U rack unit, without sacrificing any quality. Control the M32C via PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android, and you'll have just as much control as with the regular M32 mixer over all the channels, effects, routing options, and more. With its small size and low weight, this mixer is ideal for live applications as well as in fixed installations. Midas have spared neither expense nor effort to expand the highly successful M32 series with this excellent M32C mixer.

Midas Neutron

The Midas Neutron is a different ball game. The Neutron was designed for the Midas PRO X, the largest and most elaborate console that Midas have to offer. In combination with the PRO X, the Neutron forms the key device as it does all the processing and routing work. As the Neutron is so vital to this setup, it offers features that are in two-fold or are made extra powerful. For instance, the Neutron is fitted with three individual power supplies, but only two are required for full operation.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date delivery times and prices.
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