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The New ROC Sport Headphones: Pure Monsters!

Monster unveils three new sets of headphones designed in collaboration with football star Cristiano Ronaldo. We're talking about the ROC Sport Black Platinum Over-Ears, the ROC Sport Freedom On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth and the ROC Sport SuperSlim Wireless In-Ears. Cristiano Ronaldo is used to the very best, so the fact that he chose to work with Monster to develop these headphones says something about how special they are.

Headphones for every occasion

For active people who are on the move, it's almost impossible to find a set of headphones that suits all their requirements. That's also the reason why Ronaldo had Monster develop three different sets of headphones instead of just one! That way, he'll always have the optimal set of headphones at his disposal. During those rare moments of peace and quiet, Monster offers the Black Platinum Over-Ear headphones. Top athletes need peace and quiet, which is something Cristiano Ronaldo can surely vouch for. In those precious moments, he opts for the Monster ROC Sport Black Platinum Over-Ear headphones. They're comfortable, lightweight, stylish, and have a sound quality that can't be beat!

One for the road

When travelling from stadium to stadium, different listening criteria apply, of course. On the road, he wants a set of headphones that are equal to the sound of a pair of over-ears, but that offer more freedom of movement. That's when he goes for the Monster ROC Sport Freedom On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. These are compact, extremely lightweight and wireless, with that familiar, well-loved Monster sound.

For athletic types

Even though he is a style icon, Cristiano Ronaldo is first and foremost a world-famous football player, which didn't happen overnight. In order to maintain his high level of playing, Ronaldo trains hard every day. That's when he chooses the ROC Sport SuperSlim, a set of wireless in-ears that are resistant to moisture caused by perspiration. Whichever model you choose, you can be sure the sound will be excellent. With basses as smooth as Ronaldo's hairdo, and equipped with the legendary Pure Monster Sound System, each and every set of these headphones is a desirable, stylish gadget fit for any music-lover. Until recently, all three sets of these headphones have only been available on eBay, but now you can order them at Bax-shop!

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