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The Newest Addition to the Mixars Mixer Family: the UNO

Just weeks before the upcoming NAMM 2017 convention, Mixars announces the release of their latest mixer, the UNO. Based on the pictures and specifications, this is basically the middle-sized version of the brand's range of DJ battle mixers. It's larger and more comprehensive than the CUT, but more compact and with fewer functions than the DUO. The most remarkable feature is without a doubt the Galileo Kallisto crossfader!

A little bit of both

Compared to its counterparts, the CUT and the DUO, the UNO is the best of both worlds. This Mixars controller resembles the smallest CUT controller in size, but features many of the same functions as the larger DUO. The most noteworthy features are the filter knobs for each channel, a mic channel that can be used as an AUX input with a 2-band EQ and both a dual master output and a booth/record connection. By far the most remarkable, and most secretive, thing about the UNO is the Galileo Kallisto, which is a contact-free dual-rail crossfader. Check out the product page for more information!

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