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The Nitro: Alesis' New Drum Kit

Last week, Alesis already presented two new CompactKit tabletop drum kits, and now they've got even more to show us! Th Nitro is an electronic drum kit that offers a lot of customisation for both beginners and advanced drummers.

Many options

Consisting of a snare drum pad, three tom pads, three cymbal pads and a bass drum pad made of special rubber, as well as two pedals, the Alesis Nitro electronic drum kit emulates the feel of an acoustic kit as closely as possible. The compact setup is supported by a four-legged frame that's made of aluminium, meaning it's remarkably lightweight.

At the heart of this kit is the Nitro drum module, which has 385 drum and percussion voices, 60 play-along tracks and a metronome. With 40 pre-programmed kits, there is sure to be one that suits your preferences. Meanwhile, the aux input allows you to hook up a CD or MP3 player, so that you can play along with your favourite artists. For musicians who work with a DAW or virtual instruments, or those who want to record things, the kit features USB and MIDI connectors. Finally, all settings can be easily read from the bright LCD display.

Keep and eye on the relevant product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.


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