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The Original Boss Chorus Pedal in Stereo! Meet the CE-2W!

The very first pedal by Boss turned the guitar world on its head by changing the way guitars sounded forever. This pedal has become the standard for how chorus effects should sound. In case you haven't guessed already, we're talking about Boss' legendary CE-1 Chorus pedal that got its familiar blue finish in later versions. Now, this pedal is back! In stereo! Forty years on, the Boss CE-2W with the same beautiful baby-blue colour and captivating chorus, can be seen as the rebirth of the CE-1.


The new Boss CE-2W has been developed in Japan by the technological wizards responsible for Boss' Waza Craft series and the result is simply sensational. This is the only pedal that can claim such a rich heritage, and from now on, will once again set a new standard for chorus effects pedals. If you want to add rich, lush, spacious chorus effects to your sound, then the Boss CE-2W is the one.

Original CE-1 sound

With a mini-switch, the original CE-1's sound can be recreated. On the CE-2W, it's possible to adjust the depth of the chorus effect, something that wasn't possible on the original. Add the stereo effects, and you can get a chorus that sounds very narrow, extremely wide or anything in between.

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