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The Pioneer XDJ-700 - We Bet You Weren't Expecting This!

Surprise! While everyone was waiting with bated breath for an XDJ-2000, Pioneer pulled a fast one by introducing the new XDJ-700! It's basically a stripped-down version of the XDJ-1000, and Pioneer's answer to the demand for an affordable stand-alone tabletop player that measures up to other, more expensive players thanks to features such as Pro DJ Link and Rekordbox support. The XDJ-700 has a compact housing and comes with a separate stand that elevates it to the same height as a standard CDJ player or a matching DJM mixer.

XDJ-700 - Why?

Why would Pioneer choose to develop a miniature tabletop player like the XDJ-700? The answer's simple: because there's a need for it. More and more DJs are leaving their laptops behind, opting for the stand-alone possibilities of Rekordbox instead, so a no-nonsense player such as this is more than welcome. To a great extent, the XDJ-700 offers the same professional features as its larger counterparts, but unnecessary bells and whistles have been discarded, allowing for a more compact housing and a more attractive price tag.

A closer look at the XDJ-700

Like the XDJ-1000, the XDJ-700 is equipped with an advanced touch screen that allows you to browse your tracks without the need for a separate keyboard, and without scrolling through long playlists.

Thanks to a Pro DJ Link function, the XDJ-700 can easily be integrated into a network of players that all use the same source files. In other words, it combines well with the XDJ-1000 and the CDJ-2000NXS.

Auto Loops, Hot Cues, Quantize, Beat Sync and Slip Mode; the XDJ-700 offers a great deal of the same functionality as its larger counterparts. The player's footprint and size, however, are much more modest, making it ideal for mobile applications.

As was to be expected, the XDJ-700 player supports Rekordbox, Pioneer's own software. That means you're able to prepare your DJ sets in advance, save them on a USB drive and import them into the player. The XDJ-700's sizeable display will then show you the following information:
- Wave display with Wave zoom (up to 5x zoom!)
- Beat Countdown (announces key points within a track in advance, perfect for MCs!)
- Phase Meter (shows the position of a beat within a grid, which makes beat-matching much easier)
- Key Analysis Indicator (a traffic light system that suggests compatible tracks, based on musical key)
- Active Loop (prevents uncomfortable silences if you accidentally miss the end of a track)

WiFi or USB?

Just like the XDJ-1000, the XDJ-700 has an (unlit) USB port, which allows you to import Rekordbox-analysed data from a USB drive. It's also possible to stream data via WiFi, though! A wireless connection with a mobile device that runs the Rekordbox app, or a laptop that supports WiFi is easily established. Of course you will have to add your players to a network that's connected to a (discreetly placed) WiFi router.
While you're travelling from gig to gig, you can have your Rekordbox app analyse new tracks, and incorporate them into your DJ sets. DJs who often spend their weekends on the road will love it!

A compact design with a separate stand

The XDJ-700 is a remarkably compact device. As it's free of any redundant features, its footprint is much smaller than that of the XDJ-1000. It's also considerably flatter than the average tabletop player, but there's no need to worry about what that means for your total setup. Pioneer supplies the XDJ-700 with a matching stand that elevates it to just the right height, ensuring it looks great next to your DJM mixer or your other XDJ or CDJ player.

Rekordbox DJ support

Not only does the Pioneer XDJ-700 function as a stand-alone player for Rekordbox via USB, it's also compatible with Rekordbox DJ in HID mode. That makes it the perfect tabletop 'MIDI' player with touch screen for DJs who love working with the Rekordbox DJ software on their laptop. Additionally, the XDJ-700 is MIDI-compatible, which means it's possible to map it for software such as Traktor and Virtual DJ.

The Pioneer player is compatible with Windows (up to 10) and Mac (up to 10.10).

Price, availability and pre-orders

The Pioneer XDJ-700 will be available in December, right in time for Christmas. They're bound to sell like hot cakes, so pre-order yours now if you don't want to miss out!


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