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The RimRiser: For Crystal-clear Rim Clicks

Finding the right sound for a rim click can be a lifelong search for many drummers. Now, however, we've added the perfect solution to our assortment: the RimRiser! With this snare drum add-on, your rim clicks will sound fuller than ever, and you'll even have a bit more volume.

Hoop heightener

The basic principle of the RimRiser is rather simple: it's a small piece of drum hoop (11 cm long) that you attach on top of the snare drum's regular hoop. With the higher rim, it's easier to give your rim clicks a more consistent sound. Mounting the RimRiser couldn't be easier: simply use the included extra long tension rod! The RimRiser is available in Chrome, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Lime and Pink, and it fits any snare drum.

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