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The Tac Tic: 3-in-1 multi-percussion instrument

Sela dreamed up yet another fun add-on for percussionists with their Tac Tic. This simple-looking instrument is much more versatile than you might think. The Tac Tic is basically three instruments in one: a shaker, a jingle stick and a pair of castanets. You can even combine those instrument sounds.

Sela Tac Tic: 3-in-1 multi-percussion instrument

As we mentioned before, the Tac Tic is three instruments in one. The black housing has two chambers that are filled with small metal balls that produce a shaker sound when you shake the instrument. It also works well as a jingle stick, providing the familiar tambourine-like sound, and it even has a handy system for muting the jingles if you so desire. The two red squares allow it to make a castanet-like sound. Thanks to the thumb-loop on the back, the Tac Tic is very comfortable to use. With its plethora of possibilities, the Tac Tic is a great addition to any percussion setup, and ideal for use as an add-on to your cajon, djembe, bongos or congas.

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