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Thirty Percent Off DJTechTools' Chroma Caps

Until August 31st, get a thirty percent discount on DJTechTools' Chroma Caps. For everyone who's not familiar with the concept: Chroma Caps are faders and rotary knobs that you can use to customise your DJ gear. They help make your gear unique by adding a splash of colour, and offer a better feel than most regular faders and knobs.

Chroma Caps are about 30% bigger than standard knobs, and they're specifically designed to be more comfortable to use. They feature a soft rubber exterior that provides excellent grip. Furthermore, with their clear markings and rounded corners, they're ideal for use in dark environments like clubs. These caps are available in a variety of colours, such as blue, green, grey, neon orange - even glow-in-the-dark! Now, until the 31st of August, they're 30% cheaper!

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