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Three flashy new additions to ADJ's line of products!

American DJ never cease to amaze, and this time, it's no different. They've issued three different light effects that are sure to shine a different light on the way you use your light show. They are a mini zoom moving head, an LED laser effect and a double beam sweeper.

The Inno Pocket Z4

The youngest member of the Inno Pocket family is something we hadn't seen before. American DJ fitted their Inno Pocket Z4 with a motorised zoom function, which allows it to steplessly adjust the zoom between 10 and 60 degrees. This may not seem very remarkable, but we assure you that for a mini moving head that fits the palm of your hand, it is. Add its great output and high-quality stepper motor's rapid movements to the mix and you can see why many are keen to get acquainted with this moving head.

The Ricochet & On-X

The Ricochet is a spectacular combination of a scanner/laser effect and an LED light source. Thanks to its double mirrors and quick stepper motors, it shoots out narrow light beams through the room. The On-X is a completely different animal. It is a sweeper, yet one with two heads that can move independently from each other. Thanks to its 270-degree tilt, you can be sure that the On-X will reach every corner of the venue. Both the Ricochet and the On-X are perfectly suited for clubs, where they will provide for spectacular effects with the help of just a little bit of fog.

Keep a close eye on the product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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