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Three New Cyclone Windshields by Rycote

Rycote is well-known for their high-quality windshields, blimps, shock mounts, and wind jammers. Their ingenious new line of wind shields, the Cyclone series, has proven to be quite popular. With this new series, they've raised the bar when it comes to enhanced attenuation, user-friendliness, weight, and efficiency. Rycote have developed three types of windshields for the Cyclone series: a Small version which is available with three different types of connectors - XLR, LEMO, or MZL - and a Medium, and Large version as well. Each version can be used in combination with various types of condenser microphones.

Patented 3D Tex material now even more effective

Rycote has made enormous progress with its 3D Tex material, which is as innovative as it is exclusive. It's easy to clean and requires very little maintenance, and it means you won't need a hairy wind jammer to prevent your mic from picking up unwanted background noises. The windshields each boast an organic design for optimal acoustic transparency by means of a rounded, streamlined shape and no right angles or straight lines.

Three varieties: the right solution for everyone

It's interesting that the Small Cyclone windshield is available in three versions, depending on the connector type. All Cyclones are fitted with a shortened version of the XLR connector, which means they are compatible with an even wider variety of microphones than before. The shortened connector allows space for your shotgun or directional microphone. An ingenious solution! Rycote has also taken particular connectors into account that belong to specific microphones. If you use a microphone from Schoep's CCM series, for instance, you'd be able to use the Cyclone Small windshield with LEMO connector. Do you own a Sennheiser MKH8060? No problem! The Cyclone Small with MZL connector will fit it like a glove. Rycote has got you - and your mic - covered!

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