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Three new snow machines by Showtec & Antari!

Showtec and Antari do the special effects market a favour by releasing three new snow machines: the Dragon S100, the S-100X, and the S-200X. They are all built with the high quality we've come to expect from Showtec and Antari.

Dragon S100

With the Dragon S100, Showtec released a Plug & Play entry-level snow machine. Being part of the Dragon Series, this snow machine guarantees high functionality at a great price. For its size, it produces a fair output. Thanks to its mounting bracket and remote control, the machine is easy to fit into the setup of any beginner DJ, but it can also be of great value in pubs and clubs. As it's small in size, the snow machine can easily be taken anywhere or discreetly integrated.

The S-100X & S-200X

Let's get one thing straight: the S-100X and the S-200X are exactly the same, but for one thing. For instance, they're both DMX controlled, by mean of the remote control or the wireless remote. Other similarities are their output, power, and size. But what's that one difference? It's the sound. The S-200X has been isolated more thoroughly so that it will be completely noiseless when it's in operation. This could be very important during performances or events that can't do with any sounds from an effect machine that is turned on.

With these three additions to their product line, Showtec and Antari cater to every beginner and professional, offering that high quality we've cometo expect.

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