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Travel Through Time with the Takamine Thermal Top

The new EF450C-TT electro-acoustic guitar utilises Takamine's Thermal Top technology, in which the spruce top is baked in a controlled oxygen-free vacuum. The result is a new instrument with the enticing sound characteristics of a vintage guitar!

Excellent sound characteristics

The stunning EF450C-TT guitar in Brown Sunburst is the latest addition to the Thermal Top Series by Takamine. The structure of the spruce top is altered due to a process which involves baking the wood in a controlled high-heat, low-oxygen environment. This creates an ageing process which results in a guitar with the sound and feel of a vintage instrument. Takamine believes that when it comes to wood, the older it is, the better it sounds. With their Thermal Top models, it's as if you've travel forward in time to when the wood has become fully-aged for an optimal sound!

Visual beauty

The Takamine EF450C-TT is a richly decorated electro-acoustic steel-string guitar. The Grass Flower inlay that runs from the dark ebony fretboard all the way to the black pickguard is made up of hundreds of pieces of mother-of-pearl and abalone. The sides and back of this guitar are made of flamed maple. The elegant Brown Sunburst finish allows the unique beauty of the wood grain to really come through. If that weren't enough, this guitar also houses a TLD-2 preamplifier which has been integrated without the removal of any wood from the side, which greatly benefits the overall sound.

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