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Triton Audio: New to Bax Music!

Bax Music is proud to announce a new addition to our list of brands: Triton Audio! The Holland-based company specialises in high-end products for professional studios and audiophiles.

Gear for audiophiles

Most standard mixing panels are equipped with phantom power in order to supply power to condenser microphones, but sometimes, the components that provide this source of power is lacking in quality. Triton Audio offers products equipped with True Phantom, an optimal phantom power component for nothing but excellent quality.

The products

Triton Audio doesn't only make phantom power, their product assortment is sure to be interesting for anyone who is ready to make an investment in their studio. A good example is the D2O preamp, which is based on the legendary German vintage V-series preamps, which are still used in the famous Abbey Road studios (The Beatles and Pink Floyd). For instruments, Triton Audio offers the BigAmp preamp. Another product worthy of mention is the Phantom Blocker, which prevents your microphone from receiving phantom power from the mixer. With Triton Audio products, you'll never have to worry about running out of juice for your valuable condenser mic!

Check out all Triton Audio products below and prepare to be amazed at the popular FetHead and Neolev! We're expecting these products to hit the shelves this Autumn!

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