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Two new Flat PARs by American DJ

American DJ once again decided to expand their already impressive assortment. Just last week they released a few new products, and now they're introducing 2 new LED PARs: the Mega 64 Profile Plus and the Flat Par TRI18XS.

Mega 64 Profile Plus

This PAR is a true powerhouse. With its high output and full RGB colour blending, this LED par will perform excellently anywhere. Besides the primary colours, it even has the option of using ultraviolet in its blend of colours. This allows you to add more depth to your colours, making them seem much softer. Of course, thanks to the addition of UV, you can also use it as a black light!

Flat Par TRI18XS

The TRI18XS is a bit smaller than the Mega 64, but don't think it to be outmatched. With its 18 3W RGB LEDs, it certainly rivals its light yield. American DJ did add something else to the TRI18XS, however: a filter frame that allows you to easily place diffusion filters, and which focuses the beam slightly, for a little more of a spotlight feel.

In short, these are two great additions to the American DJ assortment!

Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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