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Two New Innox Flight Cases for Denon DJ SC5000 and X1800!

Innox introduces two new flight cases made specifically for two new products by Denon DJ, namely the X1800 DJ mixer and the SC5000 digital tabletop. Your new gear will be kept safe and sound inside these rugged cases!

Innox flight cases for Denon DJ SC5000 and X1800 Prime

These two Innox flight cases have a lot in common. They're both made of 9mm-thick concrete plex, have two butterfly latches and eight ball corners. Inside, both cases offer extra protection as well. The bottom is lined with hard foam which has been moulded to fit the Denon DJ device perfectly. The removable lids are lined with egg-crate foam and all hardware is made by the top-quality Dutch brand Penn Elcom. Innox designed the FC-DEN-SC5000 case especially for the Denon DJ SC5000 digital tabletop and the hard foam interior ensures the device is high enough so that all inputs and outputs are easily accessible. What's more, it enhances the stability as well and absorbs vibrations too. For the Denon X1800 mixer, Innox offer the FC-DEN-X1800 flight case, which fits the mixer like a glove and keeps it safe and secure. Both cases also feature extra space for cables. When it comes to getting your gear from A to B in one piece and with peace of mind, Innox is the brand to choose!

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